Este o perioada a schimbarilor pozitive. Dumnezeu este cu noi, iar  arhanghelii Mihail, Metatron si  Rafael ne indica faptul ca totul va merge in cea mai buna directie.

Cum totul incepe cu un plan si un angajament, sa ne suflecam manecile si sa trecem la treaba. Daca dorim sa vedem rezultatele prosperitatii. Avem capacitatea de a atrage ceea ce ne dorim cata vreme reusim sa ne debarasam de balastul unei minti bazate pe lipsuri. Tot ceea ce am lucrat pana acum, inclusiv obstacolele cu care ne-am confruntat si pe care le-am depasit apartin acestui timp de victorie. Fiecare moment a contribuit la cresterea noastra si a semnat izbanda. Este o renastere in libertate si lipsita de teama, in adevar si bucurie.

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[VIDEO] Japanese Electric Supercar Promises Sub Two-Second 0-60 Time

Aspark, a relatively new company out of Japan, is unveiling its first planned production car at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, dubbed the Owl. It’s an all-electric carbon-bodied supercar the company promises will go from 0-60 in under two seconds, which would make it the quickest production car ever to do so.


New supercar companies pop up all the time with neat designs and ambition, but most of them fail to ever reach production. Details on the Owl besides its 0-60 performance aren’t clear, but it seems Aspark might be farther along into development than we think, meaning this car could actually become a reality.

A video shot by Japanese site Gigazine shows a stripped-down test mule of the Owl doing short acceleration runs in an empty parking lot. From the video we can see … (read more)


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Tesla’s Model 3: Electric Car Breaks 300-Mile Range Barrier

model-3-red-overheadTesla Model 3 Courtesy of Tesla
Three hundred ten.

That’s the electric range of a $44,000 version of Tesla’s Model 3, unveiled in its final form Friday night. It’s a jaw-dropping new benchmark for cheap range in an electric car, and it’s just one of several surprises Tesla had in store as it handed over the keys to its first 30 customers.

Tesla has taken in more than 500,000 deposits at $1,000 a piece, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk told reporters ahead of the event. That’s created a daunting backlog that could take more than a year to fulfill—even before Musk took the stage in front of thousands of employees, owners, and reservation-holders to lift the curtain on the company’s most monumental achievement yet.

“We finally have a great, affordable, electric car—that’s what this day means,” Musk said. “I’m really confident this will be the best car in this…

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